Wooden Boat Plans

Wooden BoatThere are many wonderful wooden boats that can be built if you have the necessary plans. Whether you are interested in building a small wooden boat such as a canoe or a simple row boat, or dream of building your own sailboat or houseboat, the wooden boat plans you use will be crucial to your success.

When choosing between the many different wooden boat plans available on the internet and in bookstores, there are some criteria you need to keep in mind to make sure your purchase is well worth your money.

First, the designs need to have been tested. You need to make sure the wooden boat plans you are purchasing or using are proven boat plans created by experienced boat designers. If not, you may end up wasting a lot of wood, money and time.

Second, you will want the plans to be easy to follow. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, easy and thorough step-by-step instructions will be appreciated, although for the novice builder this is crucial. Wooden boat plans that are confusing or leave out crucial details will leave you frustrated and your project may end unfinished as a result.

Finally, you will want your wooden boat plans to be affordable, and also backed up with a money-back guarantee if you decide they are not the plans for you.

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One of the best sources of wooden boat plans currently available on the internet are the Plans4Boats boat plan package. These plans were collected over years by the professional Danish boat builder Daniel Holden, who has over twenty years experience designing and building boats. Holden writes:

Generations upon generations of boat building knowledge is the legacy that was passed to me by my ancestors. I have actual insight in the boat design that was used to grace the waters of Denmark with wooden boats for centuries. The plans offered here on this website are based upon my many years of boat building experience- you’ll find no better source of information and proven boat plans anywhere on the internet.

Holden’s complete boat building package includes over 254 boat plans, boat building lessons, manuals, drawings, illustrations plus additional boat building tips, tricks, tools and techniques to make sure your boat building experience is a success.  There are thousands of pages of boat building plans and resources in this boat plan package. You will essentially be receiving an entire boat building library that can be instantly downloaded.

Holden’s entire boat building package (which he values at nearly $300, although I would say it worth considerably more) is available for the very reasonable price of $49.  And the boat building package comes a full 100% money back guarantee as well, if you are dissatisfied for any reason with the package.

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boat2To date, nearly 2000 people have built boats using the plans in Daniel Holden’s boat building package. Be they beginning builders or experts, the testimonials they provide demonstrate why this boat plan package has been such a success:

“…you can save a whole lot of cash by building a Dinghy from scratch, using a good set of plans like Plans4Boats. I bought my own materials as listed and spent $1,600 less than what I would expect to pay from a ready-made factory boat…”

“…your material is some of the best that I’ve ever seen. One of your free bonuses really sold me and it was the complete guide to boat building techniques. Your wooden dory boat plans provided were also invaluable to me…”

“I think Plans4Boats DVD is the best investment I’ve made in a long time. I have started calculating how much I could actually save if I’d bought this before I started on my 12 Foot Rowboat.” …

Building your own boat from scratch can be an amazingly rewarding experience. Imagine the incredible feeling of relaxing in your own boat on a sunny day while people admire and envy the beautiful boat that you have built by hand. Isn’t it time to turn that dream into a reality and starting building your boat today?

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