Stitch and Glue Boat Plans

In recent years, the boat building industry has been revolutionized with the development of simple boat building methods and plans that have made boat building accessible to those with little or no boat building experience. First developed in the 1960s, the stitch and glue boat building method is an exceedingly simple technique that involves no expensive boat building tools or instruction. It is an ideal method for boat building beginners.

The basic materials you need for stitch and glue boat building are plywood, epoxy and wire. With stitch and glue boat building, you will not be required to build a boat frame. Instead, you will cut plywood panels to the size specified in your stitch and glue boat plans, and then stitch them together using copper wire or a similar material. Finally, the areas where the panels are stitched together, are covered with epoxy and also often fiberglass.

The finished craft is surprisingly strong, yet light and often much faster than boats using traditional boat building methods. You can build everything from small boats, like canoes and kayaks, to craft as large as 45 feet in length using stitch and glue boat building methods. Many stitch and glue boats can be constructed in a matter of days, especially with quality stitch and glue boat plans in hand.

Using stitch and glue, you can easily build a boat from scratch in a matter of days or weeks. If you have hesitated about building your first boat because you are concerned you do not have the skills or equipment necessary, you should certainly consider giving stitch and glue boat building methods a try!

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